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How to present mathematics in any language

It has been observed (by me) that the language used in mathematics can be somewhat repetitive, and does not require a very large vocabulary. The mathematical symbols are language-free, and convey an endless variety of concepts, but the language used as glue between them is often like glue in being bland, unvaried and occasionally opaque. Because of this feature of mathematical speech, this compact collection of words and phrases is intended to provide everything you need to give your talk or seminar presentation in any language you want: German, Finnish, French, Swahili, Korean, Sindarin — in any language. (There might be 2–5 phrases specific to your field that are not covered by this list, such as “We ignore the real part of the problem.”)

Simply ask a local to fill in these words and phrases in the local language, and you're “good to go” (Ger. “Die Guten mussen rausgehen!”) to talk about open balls (Sp. “abierto cojones”) or whatever.

Opening the talk

Giving the talk

Ending the talk

When there are problems