Olli Toivanen's samhälle för förbud mot kolsyrat vatten

Hi. I'm a mathematician; Ph.D. Univ. East. Finland 2013. If you're looking for my mathematical homepage, go here:


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If you're not looking for me in the professional sense, read on.

I write things for my own amusement. It's the June of 2017 now. I live in Warsaw; the view out of my apartment window is like this and the one out of my office window is like this; I spend a lot of time looking out those windows. I'm from Finland, where the views were usually trees. Sometimes snow. Sometimes mosquitoes. I draw funny pictures sometimes. I like anime, coffee and speculative fiction.

I do research at the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IM PAN).

ID string: Rautavaara / Pirttipuro — Rautavaaran ya 95–98 ja lukio 98–01, 2L4E, quylthulg — KaiPr 3./2. JK I/02 tsto-au — Joensuun yliopisto / UEF 2001–2014, FM FL FT, tuutori, demonpitäjä ja kotiloh-hlö — IM PAN Warszawa 2014–2016 — Umeå 2016–7, and IM PAN Warszawa again in 2017.

You may have seen me in a mathematics conference such as FSDONA, CMFT 2005, VEA 2010, CMFT 2013 (Shantou, China), or STFU (okay, the last is not a conference abbreviation, but it will be when I get to organize one), doodling or otherwise trying to look like I understood a lot; I am tall, wide, big, quiet and dress in black; that should be enough to tell if I am who you think I am.


Try, all in lowercase, otoivanen at impan and then dot and a pl. My uef-mail address expired in the January of 2015 so don't use it.