Olli Toivanen's United Front against Censorship and S**t

If you are looking for my academic homepage, this page is not that page.

If you are not looking for me in any professional sense, read on.

Hi. I'm a mathematician; Ph.D. Univ. East. Finland 2013. I'm a coordinator at the Center for Continuous Learning at the University of Eastern Finland. I write things for my own amusement. It's the August of 2021 now. I live in Kuopio, Finland. I like books, Vtubers and speculative fiction.

Where you may know me from: Rautavaara / Pirttipuro — Rautavaaran ya 95–98 ja lukio 98–01, 2L4E, quylthulg — KaiPr 3./2. JK I/02 tsto-au — Joensuun yliopisto / UEF 2001–2014, FM FL FT, tuutori, demonpitäjä ja kotiloh-hlö — IM PAN Warszawa 2014–2016 and spring 2017 — Univ. UmeĆ„ fall 2016 — UEF Kuopio (Applied Physics and JOK) since fall 2017.


Find my email here. My impan email address has expired.