Olli Toivanen's Reviewer Comment Scatology Collection


Here's some of my favorite music. Because calling out names and smirking is annoying, each links to what I hope is a suitable Youtube search. I'm sure most of these have been uploaded by somebody.

This all more or less is: metal (Eighties, power, symphonic), anime soundtracks, novelty music, geek music, and weird music.

And by the way I most certainly do not listen to everything; any rap beyond Scatman John (who rocks) gives me indigestion, and classical music puts me to sleep. And love songs are, in my opinion, for the most part, certainly as far as the popular ones are concerned, and very literally, not gay enough. Nowhere near gay enough. The whole he-n-she duality has been overused; I am not interested in musical representations of love unless there is some variety. (See: The Horror of Our Love, by Ludo)

Then again, maybe you need a good romance to appreciate love songs. Again, offers are received in room number 613.

Also, I'm one of those people who are very bad with finding new music; I might have a play-count of over nine thousand on a track, and no curiosity at all for anything else the same artist has done.